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So this is how whiney people have become...

by Sarynnah, 2732 days ago

Our GM, Asbestoz, got an interesting mail earlier today from a highly disgruntled hunter on our server:

From: Dorgi
Subject: U need to watch your members

A tank of yours, Notahealr, bailed on a perfectly good zul pug last night.
Right after the second to last boss, he left grp.

I waited 35 minutes to get into that dungion, and another 25 for a replacment for Notahealr. As it turned out, the replacment was totaly fail and the run disapated.

You have a good guild there with a great reputation, but having members that steal time from other people is not cool. As GM, I hope its not your policy to allow that behavious amoung your members.


It seriously hurt my brain to copy that butchering of the English language verbatim from the messages that guy sent to Asb.

Here's our retort:
A) LOLOLOLOL Really? You're going go to the trouble of tattling on one of our members, who by the way isn't in our guild anymore anyway, because they dropped group? For all you know someone in his house just had an accident and he had to drive them to the hospital.

B) While it may be rude to drop group, you're not required to stay in a pug once you join, there's no contract you have to agree with to use the LFD. If someone wants to drop then they can and will, and there's nothing you can do about it.

C) Like I said, he's no longer in the guild, and even if he was there's no way in unholy hell that we'd discipline him for something so trivial. That's the dumbest shit we've heard in a long time and we had a pretty good laugh at your expense.

D) This is more about you than the situation; dictionary.com, please use it. Personally, my biggest laugh came from the fact that you attempted to use big words in order to sound like an adult, yet you misspelled them so bad that it's unbelievable and makes you look like some pissy middle school aged child. My mind was fighting me the entire time I was trying to copy your message, I had to edit it a few times because my fingers typed the words correctly but I needed to change them to match what you wrote. Now I need an aspirin.

So we'd like to thank you; thank you Dorgi for bothering us with this hysterical QQ message you mailed us, it made our morning.

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